Is Motherhood Meaningful Work?

I was reading this recent article by John Sandeman at The Other Cheek on statistics about mothers in the church.It’s a worthwhile article for reading and reflecting, but as I got to the end, my thoughts settled uncomfortably on a certain statistic and the conclusions John drew from it.  John writes, “Asked whether they agree …

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homeschool introvert mum

How to Cope with Homeschooling as an Introvert

I love homeschooling, but as an introvert, being around people 24/7 often leaves me feeling drained. Ironically, my biggest joy is also my biggest struggle.  It’s been almost a year since we started homeschooling, and I’m still so thankful for this opportunity. In a previous blog post, I addressed heart attitude and what it means …

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making progress as a christian

The Personal Progress Obsession

As I looked over my freshly minted list of goals for the new year, I noticed myself feeling a little bit deflated. I wondered whether my goals were “ambitious” enough.  Was I “dreaming big” enough?  Compared with some of the huge dreams other people have (like writing a book, starting a new job, or moving …

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lies about motherhood biblical truth

3 Lies About Motherhood You Might be Believing

Could there be any lies you’ve picked up from social media about motherhood or yourself? I’m looking at three common ones I’ve seen perpetuated, and why I believe they’re actually harming us. As mothers in the present day, many of us turn to our phones (and the friendly faces we find therein) to experience community, …

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